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Thanks Chris

The dummy page and [mapress] shortcode was a sort of plan C  because the widget and mashup queries wasn’t working. That led to the linking issue in the map location editor.

A few updates…

I went ahead and deleted the stable 2.38 install and went to the beta 2.38.3 install.  I still couldn’t get the widget query to work out but was able to get the map on the homepage using the mashup shortcode with a few tweaks and a lot of trial and error on query syntax.

First, I added a widget box (“Blank Widget”) to the homepage via the directorpress theme admin panel. This also allowed me to add some HTML around the mashup code.  After searching in both this and the DP forum, I was able to collect the proper inclusions for the shortcode to screen the output to just paid listings (using featured meta key) and to re-size the mashup map.

Here’s what finally worked…

[mashup width="875px" height="375px" show="query" show_query=meta_key=featured&meta_value=yes&posts_per_page=-1]

I’m down to one last problem (sorta)…when I hover over the map icons, it shows the lat/lon of the location pin versus the post name. I tried to add (marker_title=”post” marker_body=”excerpt”) in different places of the mashup shortcode line and it seems to have no effect.

Everything else seems to be working fine….when I click the map icon, it opens the infowindow, shows the listing (post) name and it links to the listing perfectly when clicked.

the website is roofcleaningcontractors dot com

Any help with this last issue would be great!!!