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Hi Chris,

I have tried a little bit of everything, but to no avail. I’ve deactivated all my plugins and i still behaves very strange. I tried to create a new poi in a regular post, i could save it, but i behaved weird. With shortcode it displayed inside a blue box and in full width, and the inline directions diplayed verically. i removed it. in the sidebar widget it displayed fine, but a small blue box still remain at the top of the content area. Further on, the widget started showing in places where it should not. I activated event manager, seo and some theme sections again. I tried creating a new poi in the event manager ‘places’ custom post type, but it will not save. Any ideas 🙂 My idea was that i would use the em maps for some of the built in functions like category lists etc. and mp for maps in regular pages and sidebar widgets.I get the feeling that, although i far prefer the functionality of mappress, the easiest fix for me will be to delete the mp plugin and use the maps from the em plugin.  What do you think?