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I created 2 custom fields, title and address, copy and pasting the info for each of those on existing posts, should be less time consuming, and does create an ‘automatic’ map but I think I need to email you for the new version because I need the width to be 100%.


Mashup POI title
Post title
Mashup POI body

Thats how I had these settings set, however they don’t seem to have an effect when changed to such as post excerpt (when experimenting creating new posts). Not sure if this even comes into play for what I described.

I think the <?php do_shortcode(‘[mappress width="100%"]‘); ?> would be awesome but I didn’t have any luck putting it in the correct template file. I am using wordpress twenty twelve theme and not sure which template file or where to add that shortcode to. After many attempts thought would ask. With that being said, I may not need this if I have new version creating auto maps with 100 percent maps ??

Thank you very much for your help.