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I’m currently into the same challenge displaying a map (via the mashup-shortcode) with opening and zooming to a specific POI on load.

My shortcode looks currently like this:

[mashup query="p=10" width="100%" height="300" adaptive="true" zoom="15" initialOpenInfo="1"]

This pulls the map from PageID 10 and displays the 2nd POI.
I have 12 POIs (and some »lines«) and so far it kind of works, but I get different results:

almost all POIs are displayed correct, but the InfoWindow is sometimes closed, sometimes it is openend. This is reproduceable, e.g. POI #1 is always closed, POI #5 is always closed. It is very mixed, which one is open, and which one is closed.
one POI zooms to a wrong location: The marker is not within the visible area, InfoWindow is closed… I tried to set the position again and save the POI – the result is still wrong.


Is there another option to display a specific POI? For example a javascript that zooms to the POI after the page is completely loaded?

Is there a chance to have the InfoWindows all closed OR all opened (I would prefer the closed-state for all markers)

What could be the problem with that one POI which zooms to a wrong map area?