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Thanks for the quick reply.  It was helpful.  I have a couple of clarification questions to make sure I understand your response.

1a)  If it is a corrupted table that is causing the slow loads and ultimate loss of database connection, do I understand correctly that it could it be a non MapPress table that is corrupted even though the error comes from MapPress?  Any thing that caused the database connection to be lost would result in MapPress trying to recreate it’s tables and thus cause the error – is that right?


1b) In fact, in the cases where the page does finally load and there is a map, that map seems to display correctly.  Would you say that this is an indication that the MapPress tables are intact?

2) I’m  still surprised that this error is occurring on pages/posts types where the MapPress settings don’t even make MapPress an option.  I have MapPress limited to 2 custom post types, yet this occurs on normal posts and pages too.  Does that mean that MapPress makes calls to the database every time any page on the site is loaded, no matter what I do in the settings?

Thanks again for the quick help.