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    I have problem with call (in page template)
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[mashup width="100%" height="350" query="posts_per_page=-1&post_type=post]'); ?>
    It don´t show any POIs in the map.

    I use WP 3.6 and Twenty twelve theme.
    I have two different types of posts:
    1) BrandType1
    2) BrandType2

    I use in posts custom fields for address:
    map-adresa1 = Street and number
    map-adresa2 = Town
    map-adresa3 = State

    I have assigned in the administration custom field to the
    geocoding fields
    Map Custom Field
    Address Line 1 map-adresa1
    Address Line 2 map-adresa2
    Address Line 3 map-adresa3

    Where is the problem?