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Hi Geoff,

A URL might help so I can see what you mean, but I think your first query is the right one (assuming your post type is ‘product’).

For the infowindow problem: by default MapPress will show the post excerpt for each post.  The default WP excerpt suppresses shortcodes, so you’d never see the ‘mashup’ in the infoWindow.  I’m guessing the Woo theme includes its own excerpt function that doesn’t work the same way.

Yo might take a look at the Woo forums to see if there are some tips about how to modify their excerpt function.

Here’s are some other things that might help:

1) You could use an explicit post excerpt for each post.  That might work, although it also depends on the Woo excerpt function.  Then you can control exactly what shows in the infoWindow – for example, you could choose not to include the [mappress] short code.

2) You can modify the Woo excerpt function or override it to suppress the shortcode and show some portion of your post content instead.

3) You can use the MapPress excerpt filter: ‘mappress_poi_excerpt’.  You can add it to your functions.php.  For example:

function my_excerpt($html, $postid) {
  $post = get_post($postid);
  return $post->post_content;
add_filter('mappress_poi_excerpt', 'my_excerpt', 10, 2);

4) You can use the mashup option marker_link=’false’.  Then the mashup will show the POIs exactly as they were saved in each map, but it won’t link the POIs to the underlying posts.  Unfortunately, I’m guessing that’s not what you want to do.