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    Hi Chris,

    thanks for your reply! Ill try to figure it out with your code above, i will post my results here.

    If I understand: you want to redirect to other sites, not to other posts in the blog, is that correct?

    …Almost, i want to redirect inside the blog to another page, not a post.

    > I got this map which shows europe, on another page i got a list with different staffs of almost each country. If sb clicks on the shape in the map i want a redirect + (jquery) highlight of the staff.

    Thank you very much so far…


    Well, i got a weird tweak now. I created a map with my country-shapes on the targetpage. The mapinclude
    [mashup query="p=xx" mashupclick='post' name='xx']
    has been pasted on another page.

    The click action works now ~ im still searching for any anchor in the php files, because i dont think that the shapes are called via ‘pois’. Im watching a print_r of the $map > there are no pois 🙁

    Any ideas where to find and edit/control the shapes?