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Hi Chris – thanks for the response. What we’re trying to do, though, is avoid using the custom fields (that still requires us to make a separate update outside of the body of the page, thus still having a highly likely ‘disconnect’ between our database and WordPress; plus, from what I can tell, the custom fields don’t allow us to position the map where we want it).

I guess our only option is probably to have our database directly do updates using the WordPress API — but that is something we’ve never done and do not know anything about. It’s likely to be several months before we can get around to implementing it – I was hoping to avoid that through the shortcodes.

Out of curiosity, given all the flexibility you’ve built into the shortcodes, why is it not possible to specify a POI in it? Is there a technical limitation to shortcodes?

Other than this limitation (for our purposes, anyway), the plugin is outstanding. Very handy.