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Hi Brad,

You’re absolutely right on both issues.

Thanks for letting me know.  Look for 2.39.1 later today with a patch.

On the draft posts: the mashups now use AJAX to query the database.   WordPress treats front-end AJAX calls as though they came from admin screens.  Apparently in the WP query code there is a hard-coded check that adds all statuses if the query is coming from the admin – and since WP can’t tell the query is really from the front-end, it returns all posts.

There is a 3-year-old ticket about this that seems to have been resurrected again recently:

Maybe they’ll fix it this time.  Meanwhile, I’ll update the query code to default to ‘publish’.  I don’t see the is_admin() check doing anything else so that should fix the problem.

As for the posts_per_page – I switched it to support paging the results, but since that function didn’t make it into this release, I’ll set it back to -1 by default.

Thanks again, please let me know if you notice any other issues.