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    Hi Chris,

    the MashUp is working with the setting “POI Title + POI Body”
    It is triggered by this shortcode:

    [mashup query="meta_key=projektadresse&posts_per_page=-1"]

    and  uses the standard Mashup-PopUp-Template
    <div class=’mapp-title’>{{{poi.title}}}</div>
    <div class=’mapp-body’>
    <div class=’mapp-links’><?php _e(‘Directions’, ‘mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress’); ?><div>
    I reverted POI-content-setting to the standard “POI-Title + POI body”, but the result is not what I really need.

    When I change the POI-content-setting to “Post Title + Post Body” I get the postbody with all the DIVI-shortcodes and no readable content (see screenshot above)

    That is why I am asking how to define the template to get this result:
    the mapp-title => PostTitle
    the mapp-body => custom field “projectadresse”

    and whether I have to change the setting “POI content” with a template like this.

    Please tell me the correct code for the mapp-body as I don’t understand the syntax in the documentation

    <div class=’mapp-body’>

    Cheers, Connie