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    Dear Chris, I think I was not clear enough.

    This is the Mashup:
    it works well

    I looked into the template for map-popup, but the template for mashup-popup brings this result, see screenshot:

    POI Title + POI Excerpt
    You see this does not show relevant information

    I need the posttitle in the title and the adress in the body.

    This picture shows the content of the PopUp in the MashUp when “PostTitle + PostExcerpt” is defined in the settings
    Posttitle + PostExcerpt

    My whish is instead of getting all these DIVI-shortcodes in the mapp-body and the adress in the mapp-title:

    In the mapp-title the Post-Title

    mapp-title = custom field ‘projektadresse’

    I tried this code:

    <div class=’mapp-title’>{{{post.title}}}</div>
    <div class=’mapp-body’>
    <div class=’mapp-links’><?php _e(‘Directions’, ‘mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress’); ?><div>

    How to create the code for the mashup-popup?

    Thanks for your help, Connie