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    The templates are editable via the MapPress settings screen.  They’re saved in your theme directory, and the originals are in the /templates directory of the plugin.  There’s general information about this in the MapPress documentation.

    I think you are asking to display a field only if non-empty.  For that, you would need some javascript in the template.  You can do a simple if statement by using three braces:

    {{{ (poi.props.annonce_surface) ? poi.props.annonce_surface : 'empty'}}}

    Or, make a conditional block using ‘<#’ and ‘#>’ around the JavaScript parts:

    <# if (poi.props.annonce_surafce) { #>
    <i class=””fal” aria-hidden=””true””></i> {{poi.props.annonce_surface}} m²
    <# } #>