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I have no idea why styles are showing up in my posts and I can’t edit or delete them. Once again:


Yes, thank you. I did see those instructions. However, I am using automatic Leaflet maps generated from custom fields and mashups, and those instructions appeared to apply to the manual editor options: “The new style will appear as a selection in the layers control in the MapPress editor.”

I am looking for a way to apply the MapBox style automatically to all maps (or via shortcode, which brought me to that outdated help thread.

By the way, I did add the share URL to the MapBox Settings (“Styled Maps”) screen, giving it a name of “preserves1″ and used it in my mashup shortcode, but that didn’t change the styling either.

The following shortcode is in brackets: mashup query=”preserve_region=southern maine” style=”preserves1″

I also checked to make sure my MapBox base map styling is public, and it is:

I don’t know what I am missing.