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I don’t support generating multiple POIs per post and the code will eventually be deprecated. But there is still some older code in the current version that might do what you want if you’re doing a 1-time load.

To try it:
1. Configure a single field for the ‘address’ in the MapPress settings.
2. Edit a post and enter multiple values for that custom field. Use a separate for each POI, and format the rows as a shortcode. For example, for two POIs, enter:

address = "200 el camino real" title = "title 1" body = "body 1" iconid = "blue-dot"

address = "300 el camino real" title="title2" body="body 2" iconid="green-dot"

You should also be able to use lat,lng – for example:

address = "-32,22"
lat = "-32" lng  = "22"