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Hi Chris and others,

I had the same problem and solved it with help from these replies, but I changed the code a bit. First I set $iconid to zero, to be sure that all icons are reset to the standard. Than I set my terms from my custom taxonomy. Terms that are not set will get the default icon.

function myiconid($iconid, $poi) {
global $post;
$postid = ($poi->postid) ? $poi->postid : $post->ID;
if (has_term('term1','mytax',  $postid))
$iconid = 'term1.png';
if (has_term('term2','mytax',  $postid))
$iconid = 'term2.png';
return $iconid;
add_filter('mappress_poi_iconid', 'myiconid', 10, 2);