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James Proctor

Another request from the developer…thanks for your continued support…Jim P.

Let me know if the plugin’s developer can set up the buffered output functionality from the non-debug plugin to be run along with an incoming request and send its output to the error log, so we can see if the issue that was affecting the previous plugin may still be present, and get some ideas on how it can be replicated.

(below in response to my query for clarification of above)

I’m referring to the current version of the plugin that’s installed. Assuming that the previous implementation of buffered output was the issue with the previous version of the plugin, then the issue should be resolved.

Since we haven’t confirmed the source of the issue yet, it may be a good idea to (if possible) have the same functionality that was in the previous plugin, where the output was being cached before the POST variables were read, running alongside the current functionality, and send that output to the error log. This should help to identify when their buffered output didn’t include the needed map name, while ensuring that the site itself still displays properly.