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James Proctor

Okay, problem has continued with my host but intermittent. The support staff with my host report the following; could you please clarify? Sure appreciate..Jim P.

I’m seeing that there are two requests for admin-ajax when both pages with maps are pulled up. The first request contains query arguments and completes successfully, sending up the data enclosed within lclark_adminajax_request.txt. The site returns the information included in the text file attached called lclark_adminajax_response.txt. This information is also available through your browser’s Developer Console when looking into the admin-ajax requests.

The second admin-ajax request contains no query arguments, and gets back the “0” response that you’ve received. Going by the resource requests that the site makes at this time, this second admin-ajax request should be returning the map data.

As this appears to be happening sporadically, we would need to find out what is normally included in that second request when the page is working as desired, or get in touch with the developer to have them investigate and see what their functionality requires from the original admin-ajax request that it might not be getting.

Please do contact the developer to see what light can be shed on this issue. At this time, knowing what input or information the mapping functionality should be getting from that second request to admin-ajax will help to see whether the issue is with our platform, the code from the plugin or an external service that it’s reaching out to.