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I took another look at this today and I’m not sure I fully understood (or answered) your question. I just went through the relevant MapPress code to recall the details so I’ll try again.

The plugin does suppress the default infoWindows as I said in my earlier message. But when a feature is clicked, MapPress should show the infoWindow content from the original KML file – it just wraps it in MapPress CSS. The idea was to provide a consistent CSS style without interfering with the KML.

If the clicked feature has no infoWindow in the KML file, then it should show the MapPress title and body. This is also true if a KML is clicked from the POI list, or in the editor.

I wasn’t clear from your post if current version of the plugin isn’t working this way, or if that’s undesirable – or if there’s something specific to your KML file. Could you elaborate about what you’re expecting to see and provide an example URL or KML?