TurboCSV is the fastest and easiest way to import CSV data into your WordPress blog.  Create posts, pages, categories and tags.  It even supports custom post types, custom fields and custom taxonomies.  It’s perfect for building product listings, review sites or directories!


Just use the easy on-screen wizard to specify the upload file, create a template for the post body and title and set the other post options.  TurboCSV will import the file and automatically create posts, pages, categories and tags.  If there’s an error with the upload just use the “undo” feature to reverse the changes and try again.


star_full Import from PC, URL or server file path
star_full Import posts, pages, categories, tags, custom fields and custom taxonomies
star_full Support for custom post types and multisite (network) installations
star_full Create new posts/pages or update existing ones.
star_full Update using Post ID or your own custom ID field.
star_full Undo function to completely reverse an import
star_full Easily import maps, with full MapPress compatibility
star_full Set any post attribute including date, status, author, slug, page template, etc.
star_full Integrated tinyMCE editor editor for creation of post body and title templates
star_full Easy-to-use import wizard simplifies the entire import process
star_full Keep search engines happy: assign random post dates or load dates from the input file
star_full Load and save import settings as templates for repeated use


TurboCSV is compatible with WordPress 3.0 and higher.  It requires PHP version 5.2 or higher.

TurboCSV fully supports WordPress custom posts types, taxonomies and fields.  However, some custom post type / field plugins use proprietary tables that are not compatible.  If you are using a plugin to create custom post types or special fields, please check that it is fully compatible with data imported into standard WordPress tables.

In order to import map data you must also have the MapPress Pro plugin.


See the documentation for lots of screenshots and a full explanation of each feature.