Retired Icons

When MapPress was first created, it was a tedious process to create icons, so more than 100 pre-made icons were included with the plugin.

With the new built-in icon editor it’s easy to create custom custom icons, so the pre-made versions are no longer needed. About half of the original icons will be removed from MapPress, and the remainder will be updated with new, more modern versions (similar to Google maps).

This doesn’t mean to original icons are gone forever. They’re all here on this page, and they can be downloaded and used without updating any maps.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the desired icons from the list below – right-click in most browsers to see the download menu, then choose “save as”
  2. Copy the icons to this blog sub-directory:
  3. Clear your browser’s cache

That’s it – MapPress should now display the old versions of the icons.