Mappress Changelog


  • Fixed: autocomplete conflict with WordPress tag search fields

2.49.5 BETA

  • Fixed: missing leaflet layer control images

2.49.4 BETA

  • Fixed: incorrect documentation URLs

2.49.3 BETA

  • Fixed: missing files for algolia/leaflet in build version

2.49.2 BETA

  • Fixed: bug preventing new POIs using Google engine
  • Fixed: mashup POI list not refreshing on first zoom/pan (Google)
  • Fixed: map dialog appearing under ‘hamburger’ menu
  • Fixed: removed ‘mapp-static’ class
  • Fixed: notice on some sites during settings save
  • Fixed: duplicate texts in .POT translation file

2.49.1 BETA

  • Fixed: mashups were using the map-popup and map-item templates instead of mashup-popup and mashup-item
  • Fixed: removed extra ‘mapp-iw’ tags from popup templates
  • Fixed: javascript error when centering on invalid place (leaflet only)
  • Fixed: removed CSS min-width for leaflet popup
  • Fixed: notice in admin plugins search screen (updater was not setting ‘plugin’ field in version response)
  • Fixed: error for leaflet KML layers (setZindexOffset)
  • Fixed: maximum mashup POIs was locked at 5

2.49 BETA

  • Added: support added for Leaflet, MapBox, and Algolia search
  • Added: mashups are now searchable – see the search options on the MapPress settings screen
  • Added: client-side templating system and template editor on MapPress settings screen
  • Changed: filter fields now output more data (type, meta_type, etc)
  • Changed: the ‘mini’ map mode (with list/map toggles) has been temporarily removed
  • Changed: Pro updater is now available by default


  • Fixed: restored inline directions form
  • Changed: updated ‘directions.php’ template file and CSS
  • Changed: updated plugin with new URL
  • Changed: re-added use of inline script functions for themes that match tags inside content (json) data


  • Fixed: geocoding bug in editor
  • Removed: drawingmanager


  • Fixed: shake in editor caused by Google API update
  • Fixed: API compatibility setting not applied in admin screens
  • Changed: removed inline directions, shape editor


  • Added: maps now support full-screen control: [mappress fullscreenControl=”true”]
  • Fixed: map center was changing when resizing
  • Fixed: mashups were ignoring custom POI list template
  • Changed: mashup filter now shows term names instead of term slugs


  • Added: dismissible notices
  • Fixed: incorrect sorting for mashups with ‘orderby’ clause in query
  • Fixed: incorrect CSS in settings screen
  • Changed: use gzip only for mashups, not for maps, added checks for PHP libraries


  • Fixed: POI list was being hidden on small maps with ‘inline’ vertical layout
  • Fixed: empty ‘ghost’ link if post thumbnail is absent


  • Updated version number


  • Updated version number


  • Fixed: centering error for fixed centers


  • Fixed: PHP 7 error on ‘break’ statement


  • Fixed: bug in free version prevented editing


  • Fixed: internal javascript error


  • Added: prevent javascript caching when upgrading from free to Pro
  • Added: enable gzip compression for AJAX data (depends on server settings)
  • Added: ‘compatibility’ setting to prevent loading maps API by other plugins/themes
  • Added: new layout with POIs on left. Use settings or [mashup layout=”left”] for a single map
  • Added: shortcode ‘center’ can be a place or ‘user’ to geolocate, for example: [mashup center=”new york”] or [mashup center=”user”]
  • Changed: mashup query updated to improve performance
  • Changed: faster excerpts for mashup POIs
  • Changed: Pro update settings are now enabled by default
  • Changed: automatic centering zooms out less whenever possible (viewport padding reduced to zero)
  • Changed: clickableIcons defaulted to false (prevent clicks on Google landmarks)
  • Changed: removed extra code for xhtml validity checkers
  • Changed: updates to directions and template ‘map-directions.php’
  • Changed: detection for Jetpack infinite scroll improved


  • Added: filter labels can now include an icon in braces, for example [blue-dot]
  • Added: filter ‘mappress_query_filter’ for post-query filtering
  • Fixed: workaround for older versions of WordPress which have error in underscore library


  • Added: setting to open POIs in a new tab/window. For shortcodes use [mashup mashupClick=”postnew”]
  • Fixed: mashups for custom post types were displaying all post types
  • Fixed: maps saved from custom fields in older versions were not auto-centering properly


  • Fixed: Pro version updater bug fixes


  • Fixed: Pro version automatic updater was not notifying about new updates (it may be necessary to update to the current version manually).


  • Changed: the settings for mashup POI title and body display have been combined. Select either poi title + body or post title + excerpt. For shortcodes use [mashup mashupbody=”poi”] for poi title + body, or [mashup mashupbody=”post”] for post title + excerpt


  • Added: filter dropdown now includes icons from the ‘automatic icons’ setting (for use as a map legend)
  • Fixed: editor spawner multiple icon color pickers, so popups were sometimes in the wrong position
  • Changed: ‘directions’ and ‘mashupClick’ (POI click behavior for mashups) are now global, set them from the settings screen instead of the shortcode
  • Changed: templates ‘map.php’ and ‘map-list.php’ were updated, please update any custom templates
  • Changed: list CSS class ‘mapp-pois’/’mapp-poi’ were changed to ‘mapp-items’/’mapp-item’


  • Changed: pro updater cache name changed to ‘mappress_updater_[action]’


  • Fixed: POI editor error if tinyMCE is disabled in user settings


  • Fixed: default style not being applied
  • Fixed: infoWindow displaying even when type = ‘none’


  • Fixed: maps in Jquery tabs control not automatically resizing


  • Fixed: sorting in editor not working after first re-sort


  • Fixed: javascript error on settings screen
  • Fixed: improved check for multiple API keys
  • Fixed: custom template not applied for mashup POIs


  • Fixed: mashup poilist not shown if shortcode enabled and global setting disabled
  • Fixed: default map style not always applied


  • Fixed: editor not loading properly in 2.46.2
  • Fixed: minZoom not working in shortcodes


  • Fixed: Pro version automatic updater communications errors
  • Fixed: icon picker was not working on MapPress settings page


  • Added: updated French translation, thank you to Serge
  • Fixed: directions were showing ‘null’ if empty


  • Added: NEW TEMPLATES – this release includes all new template files – please update any custom templates to match the new versions.
  • Added: mashup results can now be filtered by taxonomies, see the MapPress settings screen
  • Added: setting ‘Automatic updates’ allows automatic updates for the Pro version
  • Added: new layout with POIs on the left instead of under map, enable with: [mappresss layout=”left”]
  • Added: check for multiple Google Maps API loads
  • Changed: template names now use hyphens instead of underscores and some names have changed: map_layout.php => map.php, map_poi_list.php => map-list.php
  • Changed: CSS class names, for example for the POI list class ‘.mapp-poi-list’ is now ‘.mapp-list’. Please update any custom CSS.
  • Changed: use the ‘hamburger’ menu in the map editor to set a map’s center & zoom (previously a checkbox was shown in the map editor)
  • Changed: mashups now ignore any center/zoom settings and automatically center to show all POIs
  • Changed: directions now have a Google Maps link. Transportation modes have been removed
  • Changed: ‘my location’ shown only for SSL or localhost sites (Google has forbidden geolocation on non-secure sites)
  • Changed: maps automatically recenter on screen resize (previously this was the ‘adaptive’ setting)
  • Changed: scripts are now loaded in the header if JetPack Infinite Scroll is enabled


  • Fixed: default custom style not applied when displaying map


  • Fixed: bug when saving quotes (such as image tags) in POI body
  • Fixed: custom map styles not displayed properly


  • Removed: directions settings ‘from’ and ‘to’
  • Removed: ‘adaptive’ setting


  • Fixed: maps were not saving attributes correctly including title, size and map type
  • Fixed: maps with one POI were not setting zoom correctly
  • Fixed: setting for default poi zoom was not saving
  • Fixed: setting for POI click (‘mashupClick’) was ignored if used in shortcode
  • Changed: directions ‘to’ is added by default for all POIs
  • Removed: setting for no directions (directions=”none”)
  • Removed: POI links (‘poiLinks’) setting removed


  • Added: a new checkbox in the map editor allows you to choose whether to save the center and zoom. If unchecked, the map will auto-center when displayed.
  • Added: POI list sorting can now be set via the settings screen, the default is no sort
  • Added: POI list can now be clicked anywhere to select a POI (not just the POI title)
  • Added: a new ‘hamburger’ menu on the map provides map functions including centering and the bicycling, traffic, and transit layers
  • Added: a new ‘layers’ shortcode attribute enables bicycling/transit/traffic layers when map is initially displayed, for example [mappress layers=”bicycling”]
  • Changed: autoicons function simplified: only 1 rule type is allowed, unfortunately you must re-enter any existing autoicons settings.
  • Changed: mashup settings are now global including infowindow type (‘iwtype’), POI body (‘mashupBody’), and POI title (‘mashupTtitle’) – use the settings screen to set them, NOT the shortcode
  • Changed: obsolete map control settings have been removed, and settings have been simplified to match Google defaults
  • Changed: when centering a map, if the map has a saved center/zoom the viewport will be reset to that center/zoom, otherwise it will autocenter
  • Changed: the ‘initialopeninfo’ shortcode attribute now accepts only true or false, not a POI index
  • Changed: POI ‘directions’ links have been removed from the POI list (but still show in the POIs). This allows display of more POIs in the list.
  • Removed: mashup link (‘mashuplink’) setting, POI titles now always link to underlying post in mashups
  • Removed: settings ‘draggable’, ‘keyboardshortcuts’, ‘maptypecontrol’, ‘maptypecontrolstyle’, ‘maptypeids’, ‘overviewmapcontrol’, ‘overviewmapcontrolopened’, ‘pancontrol’, ‘rotatecontrol’, ‘scalecontrol’, ‘scrollwheel’, ‘streetviewcontrol’, ’tilt’,’tooltips’,’zoomcontrol’, ‘zoomcontrolstyle’
  • Removed: settings ‘template’, ‘templatedirections’, ‘templatepoi’, ‘templatepoilist’
  • Removed: settings ‘bicycling’, ‘traffic’, ‘transit’, ‘initialBicycling’, ‘initialTraffic’, ‘initialTransit’
  • Removed: ‘bigger map’ and POI ‘zoom’ functions
  • Removed: the ‘mapLinks’ setting is removed (these functions have been replaced by the new map menu)


  • Changed: improved updater


  • Changed: updates for PHP 7


  • Changed: plugin repository URL updated


  • Changed: geocoding module has been updated
  • Changed: the Nominatim geocoder has been removed
  • Changed: when geocoding an ‘address’ field in format ‘lat,lng’ the field is used verbatim rather than mapped to the nearest street address
  • Changed: extract removed from helper functions


  • Changed: added ‘footer’ option for loading scripts in header/footer (for use in AJAX plugins)
  • Changed: added underscore library to loader
  • Fixed: default sort applied to mashup with orderby
  • Fixed: updated widget to use array field names (since WP 4.4)


  • Changed: version updated to 2.44


  • Changed: show blank container while loading mashups instead of default map
  • Changed: no alerts for admins on missing map container
  • Changed: apply wpautop to POIs when they are saved (wpautop inserts html tags to format carriage returns)
  • Fixed: bug where mashups were limited to 10 POIs
  • Fixed: polygons are allowed again in mashup results
  • Fixed: changed Mappress_Updater constructor for PHP 7


  • Added: support for XHTML sites (must be running WP 4.5 or higher)
  • Added: server API key for geocoding
  • Fixed: debugging functions
  • Fixed: removed extra code for api key in geocoder
  • Fixed: removed anonymous functions to support hosts still running PHP 5.2


  • Added: API key checks updated to support Google policy change on 6/22/2016
  • Added: automatic icons can now be set by post type as well as by taxonomy
  • Changed: KML/KMZ overlays and polygons are no longer included in mashup results
  • Changed: map can now display in AJAX calls from other plugins (infinite scrollers, etc.)
  • Changed: new map loader for compatibility with plugins/themes that cause jQuery .ready errors
  • Changed: text domain changed for compatibility with WordPress language packs
  • Changed: support for – language (.mo/.po) files renamed with new plugin slug for language packs
  • Changed: datatables support has been removed
  • Changed: widget now uses WP 4.3 constructor / anonymous function
  • Fixed: a Google API change broke ‘my location’ in directions and map editor


  • Fixed: mashups ignoring mashupTitle=”poi” and always showing post title (since 2.43.4)


  • Added: language support for mashup queries
  • Fixed: mashups with query=”all” or “current” returned no results from 2.43.2
  • Fixed: AJAX error when adding autoicons
  • Fixed: thumbnail size is output as a style for better infobox sizing


  • Changed: restored ‘adaptive’ setting


  • Added: check for jQuery version
  • Changed: to support new geocoding API: removed ‘sensor’ parameter from geocoding calls, added api key and switched to https
  • Changed: restored filter ‘mappress_poi_html’
  • Changed: removed filters ‘mappress_poi_body’, ‘mappress_poi_links’, and ‘mappress_poi_links_html’
  • Fixed: workaround for WP bug #33393 (deletes text in POI editor when switching visual/html tab)
  • Fixed: workaround for hidden tabs calling wrong method to display map
  • Fixed: addresses with foreign characters (like umlaut) were incorrect when geocoding custom fields due to double utf8-encoding
  • Fixed: when using WPML, mashups with mashupClick=”post” were always redirecting to post in base language


  • Fixed: unable to save POIs in editor
  • Fixed: directions not working because Google changed URL structure


  • Fixed: public variables caused query errors with null queries


  • Added: wp_query public variables can be included in queries, for example [mashup query=”cat=@cat”] to show posts in the current category
  • Fixed: drawing manager not showing up in editor


  • Added: setting for automatic icons in mashups. Note: filter ‘mappress_poi_iconid’ will be deprecated, please use the settings instead.
  • Added: setting ‘icon scaling’. Enter dimensions to scale regular icons, or for scaling high-DPI/retina display icons
  • Added: setting ‘load scripts in footer’. Uncheck this to show maps in AJAX calls, lightboxes, or infinite scrollers
  • Changed: POI z-indexes are now set in reverse order so first POI has top index
  • Changed: KML POIs are now suppressed in the poi list by default
  • Changed: if initialOpenDirections=”true” and no from/to address is provided, the first POI will be used as the “to” address
  • Changed: initialOpenInfo=”true” is now allowed for the widget
  • Changed: new AJAX icon picker
  • Changed: new polygon color picker with expanded palette
  • Changed: polygon POIs can now be dragged
  • Changed: added UTF8 encoding to geocoding requests for special characters
  • Fixed: iOS “too many redirects” for directions after Google parameter change
  • Fixed: directions ‘print’ parameters fixed
  • Fixed: ‘print’ button removed on mobile devices where Google does not support print mode
  • Fixed: map editor action links not clickable on iPad
  • Fixed: don’t auto-display maps on password-protected posts
  • Fixed: url for Google ‘print’ directions updated to new value
  • Fixed: url incorrect when redirecting to post from POI title
  • Fixed: 2015 theme interferes with POI list table layout
  • Fixed: incorrect display when editing tables on settings screen
  • Removed: icon shadows (shadows are no longer supported by Google)
  • Removed: JSON library (all browsers should support it natively)
  • Removed: filters: mappress_poi_html, mappress_user_icons
  • Removed: iwfix setting (Google has finally fixed API bug 5713 involving infoWindow scrollbars)
  • Removed: ‘adaptive’ setting
  • Removed: ‘disableAutoPan’ setting
  • Removed: border setting (add CSS styles to class ‘mapp-layout’ instead)
  • Removed: CDATA in post content


  • Changed: wider editor infobox for Chrome and WP 3.9
  • Fixed: removed warning about border style
  • Fixed: removed !important modifier from mapp-iw styles for font weight


  • Added: compatibiliy for TinyMCE 4.x in WordPress 3.9+
  • Changed: geocoding calls from PHP now use http instead of https to prevent curl errors
  • Changed: updated Spanish translation, thanks to Agustin
  • Fixed: tinyMCE icons in WordPress 3.8+


  • Added: polyline and polygon vertices can now be deleted by right-clicking
  • Fixed: Mappress_Map::delete is now declared static to prevent warning messages


  • Fixed: warning message in save_post action if WordPress is in debug mode and no post ID is provided


  • Changed: infowindow scrollbar fix is updated and can now be turned off in settings
  • Changed: removed $poi->get_post() method
  • Changed: CSS for infowindow (.mapp-iw)
  • Fixed: use default height for mashups with width but no height


  • Added: workaround for Google infoWindow sizing bug
  • Added: shortcode parameters ‘from’ and ‘to’ can be used to set a default for all directions. Use a string or POI number, for example [mappress from=”2″] or [mappress from=”Mountain View, CA”]
  • Fixed: layout style was incorrect if map layout had rounded corners; this also prevented show=”hidden” from working.
  • Fixed: filter ‘mappress_poi_iconid’ was being called as ‘mapress_poi_iconid’ (with one ‘p’ instead of two)
  • Fixed: Google CSS made copyright appear vertical in IE in some themes
  • Fixed: Google bug with sizing infoWindows
  • Changed: updated Italian translation, thanks to Reberto
  • Changed: when dragging a marker originally entered by address, it will keep the address for directions instead of showing the lat/lng coordinates.
  • Changed: no check for an active post for the mashup shortcode, to allow mashups on search results pages
  • Changed: directions now appear -above- the poi list in the standard template ‘layout.php’
  • Changed: if option mashupClick=”post”, the plugin redirects using ‘siteurl/?p=1234’ instead of the permalink (which speeds up queries)
  • Changed: initialopendirections is now a boolean: set it to ‘true’ or ‘false’.


  • Fixed: workaround for new output buffering issue in latest NextGen 2.0.11


  • Fixed: warning message on settings screen
  • Changed: custom map sizes are now available in all versions of the plugin


  • Fixed: directions not working after Nextgen workaround


  • Added: the POI editor now includes the ‘paste’ tinyMCE plugin to allow pasting from Microsoft Word
  • Changed: if you have set the option to link POIs to posts, featured images will also link to the underlying post
  • Changed: map sizes (on the settings screen) can be set to % sizes as well as pixels. NOTE: existing sizes are reset, so re-enter them on the ‘settings’ screen if needed.
  • Changed: a default size can now be selected and maps without a specific size will default to that size
  • Changed: ‘language’ setting is now set dynamically
  • Changed: up to 6 address lines are now supported
  • Fixed: workaround for NextGen plugin bug: reverses order of wp_enqueue_script / wp_print_footer scripts.
  • Fixed: tabs activation using new jQuery version in WordPress 3.6
  • Fixed: workaround for NextGen plugin bug: admin_enqueue_scripts called without a hook name
  • Fixed: some mobile devices did not show the map ‘close’ buttons correctly (mobile browser could not render ‘max-width: auto’, ‘max-width: 99999px’ used instead)
  • Fixed: shadows were not appearing for custom icons
  • Fixed: added missing localization for ‘loading’ and ‘directions from’ message strings
  • Fixed: notice message for a static function called non-statically
  • Fixed: map are now generated from metadata only if the post type is enabled for maps on the settings screen
  • Fixed: update of maps from queued metadata was not working when multiple posts were queued at once


  • Fixed: widget CSS settings
  • Fixed: added missing blue iim2 shadow icon


  • Fixed: PHP notice in widget
  • Fixed: added updated Hungarian translation (thanks to Zsolt A.)


  • Fixed: % width and % height were not working in the editor since 2.40
  • Fixed: PHP notice when upgrade available
  • Fixed: removed internal errors from language files


  • Added: an ‘insert into post’ link is now available in the map list as well as the map editor
  • Changed: fields in the map editor have been rearranged for clarity
  • Changed: the ‘letter’ icons have been removed from the icon picker. If you need to continue using them, contact me for support.
  • Fixed: the icon picker now loads much faster as a single image