MapPress and WPML

Getting Started

Make sure to install and activate WPML core plugin (WPML Multilingual CMS) along with the String Translation addon.

For detailed instructions on how to setup WPML for the first time, check our WPML’s getting started guide.

Copying Maps

MapPress fully supports the WPML translation plugin. The current WPML language takes priority over other settings, and all controls and texts are localized to that language, including the Google API map controls.

When creating a WPML translation, there is an option to duplicate the content from the original post, overwriting the target (translation) post.

Advanced Translation Editor

Map copying can also be done using WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor (ATE). It allows you to focus on the content of the page only where WPML automatically takes care of copying the style of the default language page to the secondary language page.  

To enable the Advanced Translation Editor, navigate to WPML → Settings. Under the How to translate posts and pages section, choose Use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor option. 

ATE: Translating MapPress strings

To translate MapPress text, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to WPML → Theme and plugins localization. Under the Strings in the plugins section, choose the MapPress Maps for WordPress plugin then click the Scan selected plugins for strings button.  
  1. Navigate to WPML → String Translation and look up the text you want to translate. It is worth mentioning that all the MapPress strings fall under the “mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress” domain. Click the plus icon under the language you want to translate the text into. Add the translation then hit enter to save it.

ATE: Translating pages with maps

To translate a page that includes a map, simply navigate to the page’s editing screen.

In the Language box, click on the plus icon corresponding to the language you want to translate your page into. This takes you to WPML’s ATE screen.

Click the Translate automatically button to load the automatic translation. Review the translation to ensure that it is accurate then click the green checkmark icon. Once done, click the Complete button to publish the translation.