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    Hi Chris,

    We’re creating a website which has a lot of cycling/walking routes on and we’re using Mappress to display the route on the page. (manually drawn a route and added markers)

    The site is available in two languages using WPML.

    As expected Mappress isn’t displaying the map on the alternate language view for our hikes and walks. I can get it to display an individual route by creating a separate custom field on the translation to enter the map ID from the original version, but we really need the mashup to display too.
    There are a LOT of routes and I don’t really want to have to make them manually again… but we have an idea and I just wanted to run it by you…

    1: we create our map as normal with markers and route.
    2: In the translated page we create a blank map (to get a new map ID)
    3: In the mysql database we copy the table relating to the original map we created in step 1 and copy that info into the table for the map we created in step 2.

    Do you think that will work…

    thanks for any help you or anyone else can give.



    Just as a follow up for anyone else with the same problem…

    We managed to successfully reproduce all our maps in the alternate language version of our site using the method above on our test site.

    Editing your database isn’t recommended, but if you have huge maps with lots of POI’s routes etc that isn’t displaying on an alternate page using WPML then maybe this method could be a consideration..after you’ve made a backup of your database.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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