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    I know WP automatically incriminates post ID’s but on the off chance you can answer this question cause I need to associate a post ID in another table based on that ID which is around 2,000 posts – each with a specific number association.

    If I edit the column post_id to non incriminate, in SQL, is it possible to set the ID in turbocvs import? Or if I set ‘ID’ of the post to = ‘custom_field’  (in SQL) after I import and delete off the post_meta would I be able to update the posts again using TurboCVS based on that columns number.

    Thanks in advance.



    Sorry, TurboCSV doesn’t provide any import capability for the post ID.   WordPress doesn’t have any way to assign it either, since the database normally assigns it automatically.

    This might work though:

    1. Create dummy (empty) posts for all of your IDs directly in the database.  For example, just populate the wp_posts table with the ID number only.    I think they’ll show up in WP as empty posts.

    2.  Then do an ‘update’ import from TurboCSV with your actual data (you can update by post ID, just not create)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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