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    I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but I seem to have found ONE thing I can’t do with Turbo CSV and that is set the visibility of a product attribute in Woocommerce. I am able to import everything else just fine but Woocommerce has a checkbox associated with every product attribute that dictates whether the attribute is visible on the product page or not. I cannot figure out how to get this box to be checked on import.

    I reached out to the folks at Woothemes and they recommended their import plugin and were not able to support my current process. I would much prefer to continue using Turbo CSV exclusively for all my import needs. Any guidance available here?


    Add a column to the CSV file labeled “!_visibility” and fill it with the text “visible”.

    After you load the CSV file, check at the bottom of the Import panel under Custom Fields under Existing Field – you should map the field called “_visibility” to the custom field “_visibility”.

    Upon import, all imported products will have a meta field added with meta_name “_visibility” and value “visible”.

    Note: when products are imported using Turbo CSV, there are a number of Product meta fields that are not created including “_visibility”. These meta fields include _length, _height, _sku and others. If you later open and save a product from Dashboard, the new fields will be automatically added to the product.
    These meta fields could also be added as columns to the CSV file (e.g. “!_sku”). However, make sure that you have added at least one product from Dashboard. Turbo CSV seeks existing meta_fields to map columns from the incoming CSV. The first product you add will ensure that Turbo CSV finds the WooCommerce meta fields.


    Base set of Custom Fields added for Product by WooCommerce include:

    Values for these fields could be set using a column in the CSV (e.g. !_sku)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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