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    Hi anyone had problems small files, data formats all same as previous uploads in 1 batch 17,000 records but not loading and getting repeated errors?

    Seems a bit flaky but we have used before and not had these problems. Is there anyway to get a more precise error log, i.e what caused the problem giving everything else, all other plugins deactctivated and the file formats and field mappings are exactly the same as when we uploaded the 17K file?

    Any help most appreciated!



    The plugin has a huge amount of code devoted to logging errors but it can’t catch everything.

    Some information would help:

    -What version of TurboCSV are you using?

    -What happens when you import – does it go to the log or just seem to stop / blank page?

    -What errors are you getting in the log?

    -Do you always get the same number of lines loaded from that file (400), or does it vary?

    You can also use the contact form to send me a login.


    Hi Chris
    Thanks for reply given specifics and repeated tests and problems, we have as you suggested put full details on your contact form.

    Many Thanks


    PS we can supply sample data as well if that helps

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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