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    Hi there

    I want to preface this by noting that Turbo CSV has been a huge time saver and has become an indepensible tool in our toolbox in managing client data.. KUDOS for an absolutely fantastic product.

    That said.. I have a unique circumstance evolve with a new project/client. This project is using a theme that stores its postmeta data in a single metakey/metavalue record as a serialized string..

    Is there a way to indicate to TurboCSV that a set of CSV column values should be combined into an array THEN stored as serialized string.

    From what I understand, WP’s update_postmeta function, when passed array will be automatically be serialized into a string and stored

    If there was a check box in the custom field section of Turbo CSV that could be used to indicate to the import script that the custom field data is to be serialized (ie. passed to update_postmeta as an array) and a text field to supply the requisite meta_key the serialized string should then be store to.. that would be fantastic..

    I know this is really presumptuous to ask, but have been bumping into a number of theme lately that are using serialized string to store postmeta data and its driving us nuts.


    Any advice/guidance you can provide you be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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