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    Hi, I just bought your plugin some days ago and should say: Congratulations, it is great! Mainly by the easy way to use it…

    But (there is always a but, right?) I´m having a little issue. I have a map on several posts,  each map has some markers for POIs (restaurants, hotels, waterfalls, etc.), and I´d like to mashup in a map something like “all restaurants” or “all hotels” or other kind of POIs…

    I know categorize each mark mean a lot of change in plugin and not so easy to do, BUT (I´m not but addicted!) if the plugin could filter by iconid or title begin (or patter to be more “pro”) I can adapt my post to that…

    I know, do it in query can be a pain since it seems to be passed to WP to filter the posts, BUT (once again) you could do it in another property instead of “query”, something like “marker_filter” to work on maps/markers filters…

    Hope you can do it easily and soon to help me and others! Hope too, you could understand my request and ideas behind this bad English, maybe gave you better ideas to improve the best map plugin I tried out.



    (Even after saw all the requests here, still hoping!!!! 😉 )

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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