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    Hey Chris

    I’ve used Turbocsv before, mainly with mappress, but without too many issues.

    Now that I’ve upgraded to the latest version and trying to setup a wholesale catalogue (using jigoshop), with custom fields.

    Although I can get a successful and full import, the items are not properly publishing. A simple update on the custom post fixes it, but the point is I want to import a couple of hundred items and the global edit/update doesn’t seem to do it, even when I tried making them “draft” as a workaround. I have a dummy post created.

    Is there something that I can look into see what is not firing? I’d prefer to use your importer, which is a pleasure to use …

    Feature request. One step import of featured images. The jigoshop basic importer seems to be able to do this from A Another url just fine, so might be worth a look at how they do it in a oner.


    Thanks in advance




    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘not properly publishing’. Do you mean they don’t show in status ‘published’?

    What happens if you go to the WP post list screen, select the posts, and choose bulk actions->edit, and then publish them? Do they go to status ‘published’ then? If not, then there is something unique about that post type. I don’t know anything about jigoshop so you might want to check their forums.

    I can give you two general tips:
    1. the correct status for import is ‘publish’, not ‘published’ – that sometimes trips me up
    2. you could check the database table wp_posts and look at a post that was successfully published, to see if there’s something special about it, like a special post status


    Hey thanks

    Everything looks good/import-wise. The status seems to show publish, and the post_status table correctly has ‘publish’, and you can view an individual product page. The list of products is also looks fine in the backend. You just cannot see an item in a product listing, category listing, or tag listing, or via shortcode until such time as you perform an update on the product page. Unfortunately bulk update doesn’t do the trick.

    Digging deeper, it does look like the import process doesn’t fire the creation of the product fully/correctly. I should have checked this first. Looking at the post_meta, the products not showing only have the imported meta fields. I had skipped the empty values.

    So I’ll try populating the other fields with dummy / empty values and report back later, when I’ve give that a spin, if I may.

    Thanks for the help so far …


    OK, adding the ‘visibility’ field makes a difference, and it appears to be wise to pre-populate a number of the other fields, such as tax.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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