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    In your documentation you mention:

    If you find that you’re reaching the limit, there are some workarounds:

    You can purchase Google Maps for Business from Google. They will give you an API key with a much higher limit (100,000+)

    However there doesn’t appear to be a way to for Mappress to send the API key with the request to Google. This would be simple to implement, by adding this as a property of the Mappress_Obj that is set from the value in the admin page. This would then send the key as a query string in the requests to google shown in mappress_api.php.

    For those of us with Google Apps accounts, this key allows us 25,000 requests/day, and also gives us “analytics” to show how our visitors are using the map.


    I’d really like this feature, too.  Or at least document somewhere how to integrate an api key


    Hi, there’s an API key setting now in 2.38.7.  I haven’t released it yet, but if you like send me an email and I’ll set you up with a copy.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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