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    Hi Chris,

    I’d love to enable users to create posts with maps by submitting a form from the front end. I’m sure this can be done with custom fields, but I’d like a more visual approach.

    A palette would enable users to easily place map markers from the front end, while constraining them to a predefined set of markers presented on the palette above or along side of the map.

    The palette could be defined in the map control or geocoding settings of MapPress. The palette would be an administrator-defined array of map icons and corresponding labels.  It might be wise to also have an administrator-defined  per-map limit on the total number of map icons placed from the palette, with zero meaning no limit.

    When a palette is enabled, a user with sufficient permissions would be able to drag a map icon from the palette onto the map, thereby creating the custom fields (lat, lng, icon, address) required to redraw the map icon when the automatic map is next published.

    Automatic maps would use a custom field to determine whether to show the palette enabled, show it disabled as a legend, or not show it at all.

    The palette/legend could also serve as a selector for which map icons to display or hide.

    I’m not sure how this kind of functionality could be integrated into a front end form submission.  Possibly an API and collaboration with a form plugin author? Or a standalone shortcode?

    I hope that gives you some good food for thought.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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