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    Using TurboCSV 2.48

    I’ve got a multisite network

    Uploading posts from the subsites has no problems, however when importing from the main site, categories are not ‘getting triggered’ UNLESS the main site has those same categories.

    from the primary site tools/turboCSV – I have uploaded columns including !post_category using both description and as slug –  ie.  Category Name and category-slug

    and … using either name method the posts are populating  as  and displaying okay, and if I go to  it lists the posts in that category

    but in Admin the categories show zero posts, and the sidebar widget for showing categories is not listing them because of no posts

    there is some sort of glitch for the categories to recognize the posts

    it is not creating new categories, the existing categories just don’t recognize the posts if they are uploaded from the main site, unless the main site has the same category

    I updated/saved some categories on the sites and  updated/saved permalinks but it is still not triggering attaching the posts to the categories –


    1) I wonder if requiring all categories on the main site is only happening on my site or is it a common issue ?

    2) would be worth fixing because of quantity of categories (but for now I will try to just import a list of categories)





    it turns out that even having categories on the main site is still not activating categories on the subsites for mass upload.  I tried with both Category Name and category-slug for !post_category

    however, if I manually create a post for a subsite and post to multiple categories then the mass updated posts (posted from the main site) are recognized.   its a work around and a pain but at least I can get them listed.

    not sure if this is limited to my site or is an issue with the plugin


    Hi, WordPress does use internal cacheing for the categories, and it is difficult to circumvent it.  I’ve tried to do so in the plugin but it may be that’s the issue you’re encourtering.  If you’d like I’ll take a look for you.  Please use the contact form to send:

    – a login to your site

    – a file with one line for testing

    – a step by step for how you do the import (if there’s anything unique about it)


    Hi Chris, thanks for the support.  I actually motored through 95 sites last night and uploaded a post to each one that included all the categories which ‘turned them on’ – for this network things are okay.  I will have a couple more under construction and if I run into this again I will certainly ask for your help.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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