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    Hi Chris,

    I hope you’re enjoying your vacation.  Here are two suggestions for new features to consider on your return while you’re still in a relaxed state of mind.

    I have a scenario in which I would like to determine which predefined area contains a POI.  For example, in which neighborhood a crime occurred.

    Your existing auto map feature will geocode a POI based on custom fields for address when the post is updated.  Similarly, you could determine and set a taxonomy based on whether the POI at the location specified by those custom fields is contained in a polygon associated with that taxonomy term.  Setting the taxonomy would have to be done whenever the POI or the list of mapped taxonomies was updated.  Still, this would be more efficient than recalculating the taxonomy every time the POI was displayed.  This point-in-polygon taxonomy would make it easy to quickly select POI based on what area the POI was in.  The polygon might be derived from a KML associated with the taxonomy term.

    I imagine that this would be a very useful feature for some common scenarios such as determining what neighborhood a real estate listing is in, what city council district a voter resides in, what school district an address is in, etc.

    For ideas on this, see





    A second useful feature would be the ability to select and sort POI by proximity to a specified mashup map center.  This would have to be done whenever the mashup was drawn but would very helpful in showing POI closest to the desired location.  For example, you could map the nearest x POI by sorting on proximity and showing posts_per_page = x.  Or, you could map all POI within y units of measure by selecting POI with proximity less than or equal to y units of measure.

    Looking forward to your return.



    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the suggestions!  I’m working on the ability to both search in a specific radius (a circle) and sort the list by distance.  But it sounds like you really need to search within a polygon?  If so, you’ll probably need some custom code for now, but I’ll see if others are looking for that functionality as well.


    Hi Chris,

    Here’s a bit of a different spin on the point-in-polygon idea.

    I’m thinking of a scenario in which the user has defined a set of polygons, representing neighborhoods for example.  The user would also have defined a corresponding taxonomy value associated with each neighborhood.

    Then, when a post is saved, the desired code would loop through the list of polygons for each POI in the post to determine which polygon(s) the POI was within.  For each polygon containing the POI, the corresponding taxonomy value would be set for that post.

    This would provide an automated way to categorize posts geographically by neighborhood, school district, police district, or any other geographic area.  Just as many MapPress users want and use the automated geocoding capability provided via MapPress, I believe many MapPress users would want and use a geographic categorization capability as well.

    Just a shameless plug for a feature I’d love to see in MapPress.



    I’d love to see this functionality so that we can display properties within neighborhoods on a real estate site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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