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Sorry. One more question šŸ™‚

1. In file i haveĀ hierarchical taxonomies Tax1|tax2. During import it creates taxonomies slugs “tax1” and “tax2”.

2. I’m changing slugs to tax1_slug and tax2_slug and importing the same file (for example to update some posts)

3. It creates new categories Tax1|tax2 with slugs “tax1” and “tax2” and put my posts in them and deleting from old taxonomies with slugs “tax1_slug” and “tax2_slug” (so they are empty now). In other words it duplicates same categories (hierarchical taxonomies) but with old slugs.

But this happen only with russian text in taxonomies names/slugs. With english text it works correct. It doesn’t duplicate taxonomies and updates/creates post in existing taxonomies.

The point is I don’t want to use cyrillic letters in url slug and I translate it to english. But plugin can’t “understand” this. And creates taxonomies again.

It would be great if you know how to fix it.

If you want I can make screenshots in case my not_good_english was bad šŸ™‚