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Hi Chris,

Yes – I do know it’s just the last part of the url controlled by the slug.  For whatever reason that last part is just not updating.  It’s not practical at the moment to change themes and disable all plugins, I’d rather save that as a last resort.  We want to avoid site downtime at all costs since there are visitors worldwide and there’s really never a good time to do it.

Interestingly, after upgrading to the new version of the plugin my next try failed halfway through the update due to lack of available memory.  I never got an error message of any kind before, I just had the post_name fail to update with no notification.  I’m sending you my credentials through the form, and I would really appreciate it if you could take a look before we go to the trouble of disableing everything – or would that not give you enough info to figure anything out?

Either way I just wanted to post the memory issue here in the public forum and ask if you think perhaps the low blog memory could have contributed to that particular field not updating.

Thanks so much for the quick help,