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Add a column to the CSV file labeled “!_visibility” and fill it with the text “visible”.

After you load the CSV file, check at the bottom of the Import panel under Custom Fields under Existing Field – you should map the field called “_visibility” to the custom field “_visibility”.

Upon import, all imported products will have a meta field added with meta_name “_visibility” and value “visible”.

Note: when products are imported using Turbo CSV, there are a number of Product meta fields that are not created including “_visibility”. These meta fields include _length, _height, _sku and others. If you later open and save a product from Dashboard, the new fields will be automatically added to the product.
These meta fields could also be added as columns to the CSV file (e.g. “!_sku”). However, make sure that you have added at least one product from Dashboard. Turbo CSV seeks existing meta_fields to map columns from the incoming CSV. The first product you add will ensure that Turbo CSV finds the WooCommerce meta fields.