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    Hi there, I just updated to 2.48.2 Pro and noticed a new Map Header when creating a Mashup Query. I preferred to not have the new header so I uploaded an empty map-header.php file to my theme.

    Is this the best way to eliminate the header or is there something in the shortcode that can be added? I suppose I could also use CSS to hide the new header as well.





    The header is present because I’m planning to make all mashups searchable. It will soon contain a search box.

    I was assuming search is generally useful, but is this something you would want to prevent for your mashups?

    For now – as a workaround, an empty header or CSS should both work.



    Thanks for the info Chris.

    For myself, I can’t see using a search option in a mashup unless there would be a very large number of locations. My preference would be to have this option enabled via shortcode…possibly like:

    [mashup query="posts_per_page=-1&post_type=post" mapSearch="true"]

    Either way, I think it will be a nice feature for some scenarios.

    Thanks again!



    OK, I’ll look into making this conditional. Hopefully others will provide some feedback as well about whether the header is useful or not.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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