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    Hi Chris,

    I really like your plugin and it’s very useful, but there is only one feature that i really would need:

    I can’t draw lines along roads to illustrate routes or tours. That’s nearly the only feature that is available at google maps but not with mappress.

    Will you implement this feature in one of the next versions?

    This missing feature is the only reason for me that i haven’t extendet my subscription yet!



    I Just want to refer to my post because I still didn’t get any reply to it!

    Chris, are you still alive and working at the plugin?

    I hope you haven’t abandoned the project, but if it should be the case, please tell because otherwise I would have to change my website to a completely different plugin that I didn’t find yet.



    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your feature request. I’m still working on MapPress, but I don’t have any plans right now to add connecting lines along roads.



    What could be more useful than this?

    In so many reasons you could use this feature to display routes.

    Just some examples for personal blogs (Jogging-routes, bike routes, road trips, travel diaries)



    I’d like to also vote for this enhancement. I was looking to see how to do this with Pro version, but now I see it’s not possible.



    Yes, I support the idea of the ability to create a route. I have used the MapPress app for a couple of years now. It is great, and the support, although rarely required, has always been helpful. The addition of a routing function would be appreciated.(My trip around India by train, for instance).



    Yes – adding routes would be a fantastic addition



    Add my vote to this feature request please!

    I would love to see the support of GPX files that I record with my Garmin GPS devices.

    So I could show my hiking trails on a map and write a post about the tour.



    Like Yogie in his post above allready said:

    I would also love the Feature of working with GPX-Files.

    Adding a GPX into the mappress would be in my eyes the very best enhancement to your brilliant plugin.

    Best regards




    I would like routes too 🙂
    You can add lines now, but it is a bit tedious 🙁

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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